January 23, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST

Film Fatales: Independent Women Directors

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Judith M. Redding, Victoria A. Brownworth
Movies, Women's Studies
We gave it an A-

FILM FATALES: INDEPENDENT WOMEN DIRECTORS Judith M. Redding and Victoria A. Brownworth (Seal Press, $16.95) With rare-as-a- Kathryn Bigelow exceptions, women directors still hit the ”celluloid ceiling” in studio systems from Hollywood to Bombay’s Bollywood. Most turn to independent filmmaking, and these 33 profiles of globe-spanning female directors spotlight everything from the joys of creative control (like Susan Seidelman on her 1982 debut, Smithereens, the first independent American feature to win at Cannes) to financing hell (documentarian Allie Light requested $25 from every woman she knew). Film columnist Brownworth and filmmaker Redding keenly integrate the women’s words with their work, making this a must-read for future Jane Campions. A-

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