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These stars cross everything from genres to careers

LeAnn Rimes tries writing, Alanis Morissette tries running, and Jason Patric becomes an action star

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A career makeover is risky business. Still, most celebs can’t resist dipping a toe in a stream of entertainment not their own. In the wake of Ethan Hawke the novelist (The Hottest State) and Julia Roberts the vocalist (Everyone Says I Love You) come ’97’s would-be crossover acts who, in some cases, could have benefitted from a little mutual mentoring.


Lauren Bacall, runway model/Vendela, actress (Batman & Robin)

Kevin Bacon, rock singer (The Bacon Brothers’ Forosoco)/Lisa Loeb, actress (The Nanny)

Jason Patric, hardbody action star (Speed 2)/Sylvester Stallone, softbody ”serious” actor (Cop Land)

Glenda Jackson, Labor minister/Susan Molinari, CBS news coanchor

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, female impersonator and stand-up comic (Saturday Night Live)/Alec Baldwin, pugilistic political activist

Frank McCourt, soap opera star (One Life to Live)/”Erica Kane,” self-help author (Having It All)

Kenny Loggins, relationship and enema expert (The Unimaginable Life: Lessons Learned on the Path to Love)/John Gray, Broadway star (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus)

Alanis Morissette, triathlete/Michael Jordan, movie actor (Space Jam)


Howard Stern, movie star (Private Parts)/Don Imus, landscape photographer

Sen. Orrin Hatch, festive songwriter (a track on Donny Osmond’s Christmas at Home)/LeAnn Rimes, festive novelist (Holiday in Your Heart)


Oliver Stone, novelist (A Child’s Night Dream)/Gus Van Sant, novelist (Pink)/Tim Burton, short-story writer (The Melancholy Life of Oyster Boy)/John Travolta, children’s book author (Propeller One-Way Night Coach)/Michael Bolton, children’s book author (The Secrets of the Lost Kingdom)

Paul McCartney, classical composer (Standing Stone)/Paul Simon, Broadway composer (The Capeman)

Pamela Anderson Lee, glamour-puss turned mom/Courtney Love, mom turned glamour-puss/Heather Locklear, Melrose Place glamour-puss turned mom/Hunter Tylo, ex-Melrose Place glamour-puss turned mom

Coming in ’98: Jewel the poet and Quentin Tarantino…the Broadway star?