November 21, 1997 at 05:00 AM EST

Theo Kalomirakis' Private Theaters

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Brett Anderson
Movies, Pop Culture, Coffee Table
We gave it an A-

On TV, movie critic Roger Ebert sits in a faux-theater balcony set. But in the introduction to this luxurious picture book, Ebert reveals that in his own home, he’s got an actual theater designed by Kalomirakis, a superstar in that fanciful branch of architecture known as home-theater design. Kalomirakis’ stunningly sumptuous work evokes the gilt-encrusted excesses of old-time movie palaces, re-creating them for the delectation of wealthy clients like Eddie Murphy. In many senses, Theo Kalomirakis’ Private Theaters is a vanity project, fawning over the patrons and plugging Kalomirakis’ design firm. Yet for anybody who daydreams of making his basement a Bijou, this is just the ticket. A-

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