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''Blues Brothers'' versus ''Men in Black''

Eerie similarities between these two flicks

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They’ve been around for decades keeping the world safe for obliviousness. But with Men in Black the public finally learned of the Immigration and Naturalization Service’s Division 6. Or did it? We’ve been there before, with Jake and Elwood in 1980’s The Blues Brothers.

Black’s Jones and Smith

— Always wear black suits, black ties, dark shades

— Gave up their identity for the job

— Get their authority from a body above the President

— Cruise around in a seemingly normal, late-model sedan with special abilities (flies, drives upside down through tunnels)

— Have to save the planet from a threat caused by the death of an alien prince

— Hassle an alien pawnshop merchant (Tony Shalhoub) for information

— Sing along to Elvis Presley’s ”Promised Land” while going through a tunnel

— Had to pay heed to executive producer Steven Spielberg

Blues’ Aykroyd and Belushi

— Always wear black suits, black ties, dark shades

— Masquerade under pseudonyms. ”Blues” is not their real last name.

— Are on ”a mission from God”

— Cruise around in a seemingly normal, late-model sedan that has special abilities (flies, drives through malls)

— Have to save themselves from a threat caused by Carrie Fisher, who once played an alien princess

— Hassle a strangely omniscient pawnshop merchant (Ray Charles) for instrumentation

— Sing Elvis Presley’s ”Jailhouse Rock” while going up the river

— Had to pay a fee to the Cook County clerk, played by Steven Spielberg

Do we have you convinced? Good. Now just keep your eyes trained on the glowing red dot.