Alexandra Jacobs
October 17, 1997 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Pop star Michael Jackson declared himself Bad with his album of the same name, which spawned five No. 1 singles but sold only half as many albums as 1983’s Thriller. In 1993, Jackson would be called worse after allegations of child molestation.

Betty White and Bea Arthur are a hit as TV’s Golden Girls. Their show would nab two Emmys for Outstanding Comedy Series during its seven seasons.

Moviegoers find Fatal Attraction irresistible. Fatal director Adrian Lyne is currently seeking a U.S. distributor for his remake of Lolita.

Readers judge Scott Turow’s thriller Presumed Innocent a must-read. In 1990, it would be a hit film starring Harrison Ford.

And in the real world, New York subway ”vigilante” Bernhard Goetz, who in 1984 shot four youths he thought were going to rob him, is acquitted of assault but sentenced to six months in jail for weapons possession.

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