October 17, 1997 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Locusts

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In Season
Kate Capshaw, Jeremy Davies, Ashley Judd, Vince Vaughn, Jessica Capshaw, Paul Rudd
John Patrick Kelley
We gave it a D

The Lost World‘s Vince Vaughn, as Clay, a taciturn, studly young drifter in 1960s small-town Kansas with a collection of white Marlon Brando T-shirts and a secret, meets Kate Capshaw, as Delilah(!), a hard-drinking older seductress with a ruined-siren thing for young studs and an even kinkier secret. He works on her cattle ranch (where, in newcomer writer-director John Patrick Kelley’s overeager search for visual metaphors, the lady’s blue-jeaned workers castrate bulls), and he encourages her emotionally damaged son (Jeremy Davies, playing wispy and sexually flummoxed once too often) to get out more, with tragic results. Clay also dates the local wild girl (Ashley Judd, with nothing to do in the role except utter the winning line, ”So, now we’re going to skip the sex part and go straight to the brooding?”). Delilah pours bourbon. And the pair of them simmer, stare, cock their respective hips, and smoke about 5,000 cigarettes before the dust settles on this long, hokey, overacted, overscripted purple-as-a-bruise melodrama — one part Summer and Smoke, one part Picnic, many parts SCTV. D

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