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October 17, 1997 at 04:00 AM EDT

In honor of Dennis Rodman’s game leap into movies with Double Team, we went searching for the actors most likely to try a new game on screen. While high school jock Kevin Costner made good contact with the ball in Tin Cup and Bull Durham, and ex-acrobat Burt Lancaster did it all in Jim Thorpe — All American, other names top our leader board. — Jon Gruenberg

Tom Cruise

[Boxing] Far and Away
[Baseball] A Few Good Men*
[Auto Racing] Days of Thunder
[Wrestling] Born on the 4th of July*
[Basketball] Cocktail*
[Volleyball] Top Gun*
[Pool] The Color of Money
[Football] All the Right Moves
[Soccer] Endless Love*

Charlie Sheen

[Basketball] Shadow Conspiracy*
[Baseball] Eight Men Out
[Squash] Wall Street*
[Golf] Navy SEALs*
[Kick Boxing] Hot Shots! Part Deux*
[Skydiving] Terminal Velocity
[Football] Lucas
[Pool] Deadfall
[Croquet] Major League II*

Sylvester Stallone

[Rock Climbing] Cliffhanger
[Football] Lock Up
[Arm Wrestling] Over the Top
[Soccer] Victory
[Bowling] F.I.S.T.*
[Auto Racing] Death Race 2000
[Swimming] Rocky III*
[Boxing] Rocky

Robert De Niro

[Basketball] Sleepers*
[Shooting] The Deer Hunter*
[Fishing] Jacknife*
[Boxing] Raging Bull
[Golf] True Confessions*
[Baseball] Bang the Drum Slowly

Wesley Snipes

[Baseball] The Fan
[Skydiving] Drop Zone
[Football] Wildcats
[Basketball] White Men Can’t Jump
[Wheelchair Racing] The Waterdance*
[Boxing] Streets of Gold

* in one or few scenes

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