October 03, 1997 at 04:00 AM EDT

Play With Your Food

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Joost Elffers
Coffee Table
We gave it an A

If you enjoyed Anne Geddes’ Down in the Garden, which rendered suspiciously compliant babies into carrots, pea pods, and the like, there’s no telling how many delighted squeals this tables-turning book will elicit. Envision, if you will, some jolly leeks or a particularly coy frond of cabbage. Joost Elffers could, and did in Play With Your Food — in fact, he’s uprooted his entire larder to fashion a photogenic garden zoo of total, unmitigated whimsy: grape ants, green pepper bunnies — and no less endearing creatures with bean-transplant eyes or almond teeth. With tips for constructing, then eating, your own menagerie. ”Not all pumpkins are surly,” reassures Elffers. Phew! A

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