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Movies that seem like TV

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We all know that the desperate-for-material movie industry has been plundering dusty TV series lately, with less and less impressive results. Need we cite Sgt. Bilko, McHale’s Navy, or the new-in-theaters Leave It to Beaver? But here’s the scoop: Studio rummaging in sitcom purgatory goes much, much deeper. An exclusive EW investigation reveals that while Fathers’ Day, the story of two guys unsure who sired a kid, may officially be the remake of a French hit, its paternity can also be traced to My Two Dads, the Paul Reiser sitcom (1987-90) about, yes, two guys unsure who sired a kid! TV lurks everywhere on the big screen — no wonder so many movies seem at home on video.

DANGEROUS MINDS added some rap music and toughened up the Sweathogs, but is obviously WELCOME BACK, KOTTER (1975-9) at heart.

Peel away the outer layer of FACE/OFF — with its premise of mischeivous, identity-swapping premise — and you’ll find THE PATTY DUKE SHOW (1963-6).

PICTURE PERFECT, the story of an ambitious ad exec who pretends to be married, eerily echoes NED AND STACEY (1994-6), the story of an ambitious ad exec who pretends to be married.

COP LAND, starring Sly Stallone as the harried, emasculated sherrif, is a riff on SHE’S THE SHERIFF (1987-9), the Suzanne Somers sitcom.

Demi Moore’s shorn, persecuted G.I. JANE is none other than Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C (1964-70).