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Back from the dead

This season, characters on ”Teen Angel,” ”Unhappily Ever After,” and ”Jenny” die but find ways to linger on their shows

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Many’s the sitcom character we’ve wished dead. This season, a bunch of them actually are. Herewith, a guide to this burgeoning trend of dead men (and women) walking.

CHARACTER: Jennie Malloy (Stephanie Hodge), the long- suffering wife on The WB’s Unhappily Ever After Dies by: A tragic tanning- bed accident.

COMES BACK: As a ”vain, sexy ghost,” says exec producer Marcy Vosburgh. ”She wears flowing white with a lot of cleavage.”

TIDBIT: The producers came up with the ghost plotline as a way for Hodge, who recently had a baby, to cut back on her hours. (She’ll be haunting only about half the episodes.)

CHARACTER: Marty (Mike Damus) on ABC’s Teen Angel Dies by: Eating tainted meat. Comes back: As a slightly inept angel with retractable wings. ”I can fly but not very well,” says Damus.

TIDBIT: The deadly burger is found in a Pocahontas wrapper. Disney-owned ABC loves that synergy!

CHARACTER: Guy Hathaway (George Hamilton), the father on NBC’s Jenny Dies by: Mysterious circumstances while filming a movie in Honduras. (Not in a tanning-bed accident, curiously enough.)

COMES BACK: Through videotaped messages and his cheesy B movies.

TIDBIT: Don’t be surprised if he comes back to life. ”My take on this guy is that he could purposely fake his own death because he wants to be like Elvis,” says Hamilton. ”He wants to be a legend.”