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Celebrity cybertalk

Quotes found online this week from David Arquette, Keanu Reeves, Taylor Hanson, and more

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”I’m an exhibitionist at heart. When I was younger, weird people flashed me and gave me a nudity complex. So, I kind of feel in an adultlike setting the urge to take my clothes off. But not all the way.” — Dream With the Fishes‘ DAVID ARQUETTE on America Online

”I dreamt [Ellen DeGeneres and I] were married once, but I think that had more to do with starting a relationship career-wise.” — Ellen‘s DAVID ANTHONY HIGGINS on AOL

”You know, some people like what I do, some don’t. There’s not really much I can do about it. I’m trying, you know? I’m not the best actor in the world; I know that. But I’m trying. That doesn’t mean anything, I guess — just to try.” — The Last Time I Committed Suicide‘s KEANU REEVES on E! Online

”I’m stumped [by comparisons to the Partridge family]. It’s cool to be compared to anybody that was successful. That’s the truth.” — Hanson’s TAYLOR HANSON on AOL

”Sometimes I rotate a song out for a couple years to let it rest. I guess I’m fortunate in not having any extremely silly or goofy songs that are terribly well known and well received. I sympathize with people for having to play those kinds of songs over and over again — it’s like going to work in a clown suit.” — Singer-songwriter JAMES TAYLOR on The Station@sony.com