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Celebrity cybertalk

Quotes found online this week from John Henson, Dave Barry, Sarah Michelle Geller, and more

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”First thing I do [when I meet a woman] is check and make sure she’s not a man.” — Talk Soup‘s JOHN HENSON on E! Online

”I’ll tell you how I got to know Bobby [De Niro]. It’s kind of funny. He was looking at my girlfriend’s booty and sent one of his guys over to say hi. When I realized what was going on, I told him I wasn’t going to put up with that. He thought it was pretty funny. He said she was really beautiful. After that, we were really tight. But the booty got him, baby.” — Con Air‘s MYKELTI WILLIAMSON on America Online

”The music from Japan is precisely why they kept getting attacked by Godzilla.” — Columnist-author DAVE BARRY on CompuServe

”I think more than anything Ellen is better off for [coming out of the closet]. That was my sole purpose in being on the show — to support my friend. And I think anything that pushes the envelope of consciousness is a positive thing. It will never be quite as closeted as it was before, because of Ellen. But just to be really clear, I think there have been a lot of people before Ellen, and there will be a lot of people after Ellen; and everyone that’s ever come out has added to paving the way. It’s a long, long road yet.” — Chanteuse K.D. LANG on E! Online

”I’m basically pretty normal. I like to hang out with friends, Rollerblade, hike, go to the movies — and sometimes I even like to relax.” — Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR on E! Online