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What is creativity?

Michael Richards, Elizabeth Shue, Tim Burton, and more give their opinions

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”It’s what keeps me alive. I live life, and I absorb it, and it comes out in the form of music. I just open myself up and take it in.” — LENNY KRAVITZ

”Creativity springs from freedom. And when you feel free, you feel safe. And safety comes from love. So most creativity comes from the safety of feeling really loved.” — ELISABETH SHUE

”It’s why we’re all here. Our business is about ideas. A good idea usually makes a good movie, and a good movie usually makes a lot of money. So you’re rewarded with the money by having a good movie.” — JOEL SILVER

”It’s connecting with something that’s deep in one’s soul. There’s a stillness, there’s a quietness. And through the quietness, one really hears the inner voice.” — ROBERT TOWNSEND

”It’s the ability to look at a situation with a unique — sometimes tortured, sometimes demented, sometimes humorous — vision.” — COLM MEANEY

”Oh, man, just putting your feet one in front of the other every single day. That’s creativity.” — WRITER-DIRECTOR CAROLINE THOMPSON (Buddy)

”Ultimately, it’s letting what’s inside of you come through. Along the way, though, I try to keep myself close to good people and keep myself happy.” — MICHAEL RICHARDS

”Being put in a position where you can make films that are not copies of other films. The way it’s set up now, it’s hard, because it’s become such a big, complicated business.” — FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA

”You look at the bills — the water bill, the light bill — and you write an incredible song.” — POSDNUOS, OF DE LA SOUL

”It’s just something you’ve got to do. It feeds your soul. It’s what comes.” — RENEE ZELLWEGER

”It’s finding the truth within yourself. And then accessing that truth.” — PETER BERG

”Creativity, to me, is allowing yourself to let all the good stuff in. I watch my children, and they’re so creative and they don’t even know it.” — MARILU HENNER

”Creativity is being unique and not taking any outside influences, but using what comes from within.” — JENNY McCARTHY

”Creativity is finding the truth in yourself.” — SHERRY STRINGFIELD

”It’s what you do with your free time.” — MIKE MILLS, OF R.E.M.

”It’s a mystery of life. I have no idea. I honestly don’t.” — TIM BURTON

”It’s like channeling. Something kicks in. When you’re in the zone, you don’t know where it comes from, but it’s like being in the eye of a storm — you’re calm, but all these things are primed.” — ROBIN WILLIAMS