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Burning question

We’re curious if the purple dinosaur would survive in ”The Lost World”

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Q: Would Barney survive in The Lost World?

A: ”Well, absolutely, Barney would survive,” says Ann Piper, a spokesperson for the prehistoric preschool favorite. ”Barney has survived millions of years. People forget that Barney’s a T. rex too. He’s the nice cousin.”

Understandably, not everyone agrees. ”Barney would last about 30 seconds,” says World screenwriter David Koepp. ”He’s the evolutionary freak.” Adds Vince Vaughn, ”The raptors would take Barney’s lunch money.” Jeff Goldblum wholeheartedly agrees: ”I’d kick his ass. He wouldn’t last in the jungle. Purple is not exactly a good camouflage color.”

But some caution against underestimating the silly saurian. ”When Barney got through with the other dinosaurs, they would be eating PB&J sandwiches,” says Russell Mack, VP of communications for Lyrick Studios, Barney’s producer. ”Of course, that might take the edge off the movie.”