EW Staff
May 30, 1997 AT 04:00 AM EDT


As a fan, I thank you for putting U2 on your cover (#378, May 9). I appreciate the honest, objective article on the greatest living rock band. Sure, PopMart is kitsch inspired and contradictory, but it’s still U2. And in this demonic, corporate, media-frenzied world they tend to mock (or are a part of, depending on your point of view), U2 are still a great thing. KATHERINE RAZ FFAS75B@prodigy.com Grand Rapids, Mich.


I read the ”King of Comedy” article and never once did I see mention of the fact that this animated hit is the lead-in for the very high-rated X-Files. While I think this is a good show, don’t you think that the ratings garnered by King of the Hill might have something to do with its pre-X-Files time slot? I do. PAULA HARPSTER Midlothian, Va.

I can’t believe it! I love EW, and I usually find your reporting very thorough. This week’s article on King of the Hill surprised me, though, because you forgot about Space Ghost Coast to Coast! Even Space Ghost‘s home, the Cartoon Network, wasn’t mentioned. Space Ghost might not get the ratings of King of the Hill, but it’s a wonderfully crafted, incredibly silly piece of work. BILL EVENSON william.evenson@network.com Minneapolis


So, a studio exec doubts Anne Heche’s ability to play a believable straight love scene now that she’s an out lesbian? Gosh, and we wonder why so many studio productions lack imagination. It’s called acting. It’s what you hire those people to do. Give the audience credit enough to distinguish between an actor and a role — you know, like we did with Tom Hanks, Cher, William Hurt, Robin Williams, Susan Sarandon, Shirley MacLaine…get it? And if the MPAA really cared, they would ignore similarly named movies (Screamers, Scream) and penalize differently titled flicks with the same ridiculous plot: Dante’s Peak and Volcano spring to mind. All penalties paid should go to rebate those friggin’ $9 movie tickets. MARK DAVIS Los Angeles


I just wanted to say how much I love your newly revised TV section. Your breakdown of notable programs for the week is ideal. I trust you, so I don’t need to do the research to find out what I might be missing. And knowing if an episode is the season finale or a potential classic is exactly what I want. Best of all, you kept the Sound Bites section of the funniest lines — the ones I wish I’d said. Thanks and kudos. SEAN MCMAHILL Chicago


I must object to three horrible errors you made in your May 9 issue. You had the audacity to say nice things about Dynasty and that our 7th Heaven was ”family-values packed.” You also gave an A- to Breakdown, though you failed to note that Spelling Films did the movie with Paramount. Please, continue to hate everything I do, or you’ll ruin my career. AARON SPELLING Los Angeles

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