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Entertainment news for May 30, 1997

Rosie O’Donnell and Rosanne made headlines this week

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DAYTIME WAR Rosie versus Roseanne? That’s the marquee match-up shaping up for 1998. Roseanne just announced a deal with King World Productions, Oprah’s syndicator, for her own daytime talk-fest to begin next fall. But chitchat with this Rosey won’t come cheap. A spokesman for King World declined to comment on salary, but industry sources say Roseanne’s pact is in the neighborhood of $10 million a year, making it the latest in an array of dazzling talk-show deals. (Keenen Ivory Wayans will earn a reported $6.5 million from Disney for his late-night effort, due in August, and Howie Mandel will reportedly net $5 million plus a percentage for an upcoming show from Paramount.) Talk queen Rosie O’Donnell, meanwhile, is getting roughly $5 million a year from Warner Bros., plus partial ownership of the show. So what are the chances for a former domestic goddess? ”People may be surprised at how good she will be at it,” says Jack Fentress, a VP of programming for Petry Television, a TV consulting firm. ”She’s a good producer who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. TV stations will be intrigued by it.”