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EW internet glossary

Terms to help you if the cyber revolution has left you tongue tied

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FAQS? FIREWALLS? FLAMES? Fuggedabowdit. If the cyberrevolution has left you tongue-tied, clip and save this first installment of the EW Internet Glossary for use at that next online cocktail party.

COOKIE//WHAT IT MEANS: Info stored in your browser the first time you access a website that is then used to (a) customize information the next time you visit and (b) fork over useful demographic information to the faceless corporation behind the site. DOESN’T MEAN: The Snackwell’s you’re munching in a vain attempt to conquer online bulge.

ISP//MEANS: Internet Service Provider, the company that hooks you up to the Internet. The cable company of the Info Age, and even harder to get on the phone. DOESN’T MEAN: Instantaneous Service Provider.

PUSH//MEANS: The latest cybergimmick; instead of you having to Web-browse out to sites, push technology sends info such as news updates in to your computer. DOESN’T MEAN: Anybody’s figured out how to make real money off the Internet.