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Celebrity Cybertalk

Quotes found online from Daryl Hannah, Wesley Snipes, and Julianna Margulies

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”Ah, I’m not falling off a building or nothing like that into an air bag or soap-box cartons [in Murder at 1600]. I’m not doing anything like that. I don’t go through glass. I don’t do windows, you know.” — Wesley Snipes on TNT’s Rough Cut (http://www.roughcut.com)

”I get cast a lot in ethereal or fantasy-type roles. I am attracted to those kinds of stories, to fantasies, but it’s also caused me a little bit of trouble…being perceived as a normal person in the eyes of casting directors. So the fact that I just played a lawyer [in Robert Altman’s The Gingerbread Man] was quite a breakthrough for me! I have played some normal people, but they don’t seem to get as much attention.” — Daryl Hannah on Prodigy

”I think the audience is going to be real happy [with ER‘s season finale]. I won’t go into it, but it has to do with me and George [Clooney]. The audience will finally get what they’ve been waiting for, sort of.” — ER‘s Julianna Margulies on TNT’s Rough Cut