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Jackie Chan's First Strike

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Jackie Chan's First Strike

Current Status:
In Season
Jackie Chan, Terry Woo
Stanley Tong

We gave it a B+

Further proof that the Hong Kong-based superstar is the Fred Astaire of action-adventure movies: There’s a great, balletic fight sequence in this happy addition to Jackie Chan’s Police Story series in which Jackie holds off a barrage of bad guys using a tall stepladder and a broomstick, demonstrating all the aplomb of Astaire romancing a hat rack. But then, in the course of this appealing production (directed by Chan’s Rumble in the Bronx colleague Stanley Tong and dubbed with gusto), Jackie also displays grace and good humor on a snowboard, on stilts, and underwater — pursued by sharks. The plot of First Strike is a merry James Bondish mess, jumping from Ukraine to Australia and involving a stolen nuclear warhead, a rogue CIA agent, and a Russian spy agency, with Jackie caught, as usual, accidentally in the middle, just trying to do the right thing, as usual, in his amiable, kick-ass way. It’s only too bad Supercop power femme Michelle Khan isn’t here to keep our hero company.