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Laserdisc Review: 'Blood for Dracula' and 'Flesh for Frankenstein'

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Leaving the premiere of Doctor Zhivago, Andy Warhol told a reporter, ”It was long and boring, but I like long, boring things.” Something similar could be said of the two revisionist horrors Flesh for Frankenstein and Blood for Dracula, originally shown in 3-D, by Warhol’s in-house auteur, Paul Morrissey. The first is an artsy gore flick, the second a campy sitcom, but neither offers much besides nice sets and oddball casting (Roman Polanski as a villager in Frankenstein), and they go on forever. Both discs (wide-screen director’s cuts) also feature surprising commentary by Morrissey and Keir; the director isn’t as affectless as you’d expect of a Warhol acolyte, while the star sounds disconcertingly like SNL‘s Hans and Franz. Both films: B