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Teri Hatcher, Drew Barrymore, and Leonardo DiCaprio

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”Well, on the honeymoon we do have some super sex — I heard a rumor there might be some superkids. We’ve done it a few times, but with Superman, it’s quite exhausting, you know.”
Lois and Clark star Teri Hatcher on married life with the Man of Steel

”I had to scream a lot — for 12 hours a day from 17 different angles. I mean, to keep dredging up those tears that came after … I’m not going to have PMS for five years.”
Drew Barrymore on making Wes Craven‘s upcoming Scream

”She does these big movements and big noises, and you think it’s going to look ridiculous until you see it in the dailies — and you see she was so very right. I started doing big things … but it didn’t work for me.”
Leonardo DiCaprio on working with Meryl Streep on the December film Marvin’s Room.