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Sylvester Stallone's speech

Sylvester Stallone’s speech — A run-down of the brawny actor’s recent ”Charlie Rose” appearance

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When brawny on-screen marble mouth Sylvester Stallone sat down Oct. 14 for an hour-long interview on PBS’ Charlie Rose, he was once again trying to overhaul his buff-but-brainless image and convince his fans that he’s more than the sum of his well-chiseled body parts. To wit, the wordsmith’s latest homage to Mr. Roget:

Number of times he used the word estrogenic: 1
Number of seconds Rose laughed at his use of the word estrogenic: 5
Number of times he talked about his feminine side: 2
Number of times he used serendipitous incorrectly: 1
Number of times he said people wrongly see him as the ”master of the malapropism”: 1
Number of $10 words or phrases: 14 (obsequious, esoteric, penchant, sabbatical, impervious, viscera, pathos, sardonic, modus operandi, sanctimonious, lugubrious, accoutrement, mirth, and reveling in a serious case of mendacity)
Number of times he said ”monosyllabic”: 2