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''Sleepers'' studs

The recent film offers both Brad Pitt and Jason Patric as eye candy

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Brad Pitt, rest easy. An informal survey, conducted in New York City during the opening weekend of Sleepers, proves the actor is still considered the ”Sexiest Man Alive.” When moviegoers were asked, ”Which of the film’s hunky young stars — Pitt or the simmering Jason Patric — would you rather sleep with?” nearly 75 percent (10 out of 13 male and female pollees) opted for the incumbent Mr. Pitt.

”Jason’s got the eyes, but Brad has everything else,” noted Ricky Perez, 37. ”Brad Pitt has the most innocent looks and down-to-earth personality that you don’t want Gwyneth Paltrow to have him,” explained Bridget Riley, 16, adding that ”Jason Patric is just plain.” Though the future Speed 2 star did earn three votes, some were by default. ”I don’t like Brad because he always looks like he’s sweating,” said Kate, 18, who feared giving her last name lest Pitt-o-philes come after her, ”so I guess I’d have to say Jason Patric.” In the end, though, what Patric may need is not more sex appeal but a better publicist. After weighing the pros and cons, Darline Chery, 20, finally responded, ”Wait, who’s Jason Patric?”