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A look at ”You’ll Never Make Love in This Town Again” and ”Pandora’s Clock”

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Pandora’s Clock
John J. Nance
Touting itself as ”Speed meets The Hot Zone,” this runaway-virus-on-a-plane yarn still delivers a propulsive, reasonably unpredictable story, even when it unwittingly veers off its urgently dramatic course and into the self-parodying realm of, say, Airplane! B-

You’ll Never Make Love in This Town Again
”Robin, Liza, Linda, and Tiffany,” the unsurnamed authors of this L.A. party circuit tell-all, sure did get around. Here, they recount many a rendezvous with the rich and famous, often dishing in the lingo of soft-core porn. For those who believe that stardom leads to unwarranted power and decadence, this read is a delightfully satisfying piece of compelling trash. B