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Bumped films

From Ang Lee’s ”The Ice Storm” to Woody Allen’s ”Everyone Says I Love You,” a pile of fall movies have been bumped to winter and beyond

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Push has come to shove. A pile of movies expected for this fall have been bumped to the end of the year and beyond. It was bound to happen. Fall ’96 promised to be one of moviedom’s busiest seasons ever, with 121 releases in about as many days. Among films bowing to the pressured schedule are Ang Lee’s domestic drama The Ice Storm (now opening in March), Albert Brooks’ guilt trip Mother (Dec. 25), Helen Mirren’s IRA saga Some Mother’s Son (Dec. 27), Charlie Sheen’s thriller Shadow Conspiracy (Jan. 31), Cannes winner The Eighth Day (February), Sundance hit johns (Jan. 31), and Christopher Guest’s romp Waiting for Guffman (February).

Getting bumped always means fending off rumors about the cause of the delay. The Ray Liotta airline thriller Turbulence, now due Jan. 31, simply seems to be late — rather than held to put space between it and TWA Flight 800. For Woody Allen’s Everyone Says I Love You — originally due Christmas Day, then Oct. 11, then Nov. 1, and now set for a brief December Oscar-eligibility release in L.A. and New York, to be followed by a late-January reopening — the usual skepticism is compounded by eyebrows that rise at the very notion of an Allen musical. (Remember how James Brooks’ I’ll Do Anything became a musical without music?) But Miramax is standing by its diversion of Woody, that autumn regular, to a chillier season. Says Miramax marketing president Mark Gill: ”If we do have some luck with the Academy, which announces its nominations February 11, we’re widening out on Valentine’s Day.”