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Living It Up

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Living It Up

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Karen Finley
Theater, Memoir, Comic Novels

We gave it an A

Karen Finley — the risque performance artist best known for smearing her body with chocolate sauce — might not seem the ideal author for a month-by-month homemaking and crafts book. But then, it all depends on whose home and what crafts, doesn’t it? If, for example, you are interested in painting your house a la Jackson Pollock — creating a splatter effect by slinging paint-filled balloons at the shingles — or in decorating your teenager’s room as a shrine to the Menendez brothers, then Living It Up is the guide for you. Find out how to create Vodka Snow Slurpees in January. In April, ”think about things to make from freeze-dried earthworms”; in May, knit your mother a hair bath mat from the stubble you shave from your legs. There are, in fact, exciting projects for every month of the year here, complete with step-by-step instructions and beautifully rendered sketches. Martha Stewart could take lessons. Indeed, Martha Stewart should take lessons, but only after taking acid — which is exactly the point: This is Martha through the looking glass, and it’s not an entirely pretty picture. It is, however, utterly inspiring and unendingly satiric — enough to make even the most determinedly uncreative of cynics rush out to buy a glue gun. A