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I Shot Andy Warhol

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I SHOT ANDY WARHOL Lili Taylor, Jared Harris (1996, Evergreen, unrated, priced for rental) If you think it inherently impossible to sympathetically portray someone whose one aim in life was promoting the cause of the Society for Cutting Up Men, then you haven’t seen Lili Taylor play Valerie Solanas, author of the feminist classic SCUM Manifesto. In Mary Harron’s sharp biopic of this mad genius (or smart lunatic?) who lands in mid-’60s New York and gravitates to Andy Warhol’s alluring circle of creative misfits, nearly everyone is both victim and cynosure (and no one more than Candy Darling, acted with scene-stealing poignance by Stephen Dorff). That Solanas’ paranoia got out of hand just seems, in retrospect, an unfortunate mess; Warhol’s surgeons might have disagreed. Even if you’re one of the few who took this trip in a theater, I Shot Andy Warhol is worth the flashback. B+