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Riverdance: The Show

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Riverdance: The Show

Current Status:
In Season
Michael Flatley, Jean Butler

We gave it a B

Picture a coed, multinational Rockettes, and you’ve got Ireland’s impossibly coordinated Riverdance troupe, which taps, jigs, bounds, flips, and reels its thundering way across the cavernous stage of Dublin’s Point Theatre in this exported TV special. Since this live performance was taped, the show — now poised for a second U.S. tour — has lost its lead dancer and choreographer, golden-curled dervish Michael Flatley. But it’s also gained a narrative cohesion absent from this early incarnation, which flounders in New Agey pretensions about Ireland’s mournful history of oppression. It doesn’t help that the skimpy liner notes simply name the 12 dance numbers (a few of which have been abridged since this tape was first issued last spring). Still, even viewers who tap their feet impatiently during Riverdance: The Show‘s slower passages won’t be able to resist stomping along with the staggering mass syncopation in the best segments. B