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The Dead Hollywood Moms Society

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The Dead Hollywood Moms Society

Current Status:
In Season
Lindsay Maracotta
Mystery and Thriller, Fiction

We gave it a B

So you’ve got this offbeat, kind of funky animator, Lucy, and she’s married to this mid-level Hollywood producer, and they’ve got this house up in the Hills, pretty nice but not totally A list, if you know what I mean. Anyway, their kid goes to school with the other kids of famous people — moguls, mostly, all with British nannies. Lucy jokes about ”the Moms” who aren’t really moms at all, but grown-ups with living toys — until she finds one of the moms murdered in her backyard. Now, you know Lucy and her hubby are gonna be suspects, and they are, and she decides to prove their innocence. This leads to all sorts of sex stuff, and even more murders, and, well, the whole thing is just too La-La Land. But hey, there are worse ways to spend an hour or two. And The Dead Hollywood Moms Society‘s just ripe for a sequel. B