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Emmys 2017
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Overheard online the week of September 13

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”At first my parents were in shock [about my success]! They thought I was going to be a loser. Now they save every clipping, become stalkers, actually! Help!”
The Fan‘s John Leguizamo on Prodigy

”I’m very aware of the four phases of an actor’s life as told to me by my dear old dad. The first phase is ‘Mario who?’ The second one is ‘Get me Mario!’ The third one is ‘Get me a young Mario!’ And the last one is ‘Mario who?”’
Solo‘s Mario Van Peebles on America Online

”Probably the most embarrassing moment shooting [A Very Brady Sequel] was actually having to kiss Chris Barnes, who plays Greg, because…we feel like brother and sister already, so it was very odd. A lot of people actually had to walk off the set when it happened. I think it’s one of the most shocking moments ever captured on film.”
— Christine Taylor, a.k.a. Marcia, on AOL

”How do you know it’s really me [doing this chat]? This is something that’s always interested me: You’re sitting there in front of your computer, Kevin Bacon is ostensibly answering these questions, but how do you really know it’s me? It could be my publicist. It could be the guy from the deli.”
— Kevin Bacon on AOL