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Oops: Rene Russo wears the same necklace in different films

Actress stars in both ”Random” and ”Tin Cup” wearing a Wendy Brigode pearl necklace

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Oops: Rene Russo wears the same necklace in different films

It’s a costume designer’s worst nightmare. In the golf comedy Tin Cup and the November thriller Ransom, Rene Russo wears the exact same cultured-pearl necklace — purely by coincidence. Cup shot first, and costumer Carol Oditz got the pearls directly from the designer, Wendy Brigode. Later, Ransom‘s Rita Ryack bought a strand at Barneys in L.A. — but Russo never told Ryack she’d just worn them on another set. ”Rene was delighted to see the pearls. She just didn’t happen to mention they were in Tin Cup,” says Ryack, who learned of the overlap from Brigode. ”I’m horrified.”

Russo wasn’t available to comment, but her pearls are already becoming a popular twist on a classic look. ”They are strung with my signature spacing,” says Brigode. ”That takes away the Barbara Bushness of a regular strand.” And a few fans have already popped into Saks Fifth Avenue and New York’s Fragments to buy the $495 necklace. ”We have the Tin Cup poster in the window,” says Fragments co-owner Jimmy Moore. ”It’s a great selling tool.”