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Overheard online the week of August 16

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”One afternoon we were between shots [of Some Like It Hot], I said to Marilyn [Monroe], ‘Let’s test my makeup.’ We ran into the girls’ bathroom attached to the soundstage. I ran over to the mirror and adjusted my lipstick, and I saw girls coming in and out. I said, ‘See? I told you I could pass as a woman.’ One woman walked by and said, ‘Hi, Tony.’ Oh, well, nobody’s perfect.”
Tony Curtis on Prodigy

”I prefer [to date] nonactors. I also prefer a house in the Hamptons. I prefer a lot of cash. I prefer a lot of things, but I don’t get those, either. I don’t care if someone’s an actor or not. I just prefer a nice guy, and I’m not dating anybody right now.”
The Young and the RestlessMichelle Stafford on America Online

”For theater, you must project and magnify that truth. In film [you must] ‘be it.’ In TV, you split the difference and take the money. Excuse me now, I must go to the ATM. Good night, ladies and gentlemen!”
Caroline in the City‘s Eric Lutes on the Microsoft Network

”The Captain persona (plus hat) was my idea. Actually, I ripped it off from a guy that I used to work with in nightclubs. He wore a captain’s hat, had a boat, the whole thing. I purchased a captain’s hat while I was with the Beach Boys as keyboard player. I put on the hat, told Mike Love to announce me as ‘Captain Keyboard,’ and the rest is history.”
— Captain & Tennille’s Daryl Dragon on AOL

”My grandmother used to tell me very terrifying tales when I was a kid. One of them concerned a supernatural figure who would sneak into public toilets and cut the wee willy off little boys. It left a significant impression on me!”
Clive Barker on AOL