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''187'' is a new movie in the works

Director Kevin Reynolds hopes to make up for his failure in ”Waterworld”

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One year after his clashes with Kevin Costner set him adrift, Waterworld director Kevin Reynolds is back — on dry land — shooting 187 for Mel Gibson’s Icon Productions. Samuel L. Jackson plays a teacher who returns to the classroom one year after an attack by a troubled student. ”I’m sure people are going to be looking for parallels,” says Reynolds. ”But no, that’s not why I responded to it.” The film (the title is gangsta slang for murder) is a far cry from Reynolds’ epics Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Rapa Nui. ”Someday I’ll do something logistical again,” he says. Someday. The director is touchy about uttering the W-word. Asked 187‘s budget, he says only, ”It’s obviously much, much, much, much lower than — whatever ‘the last one’ was.”