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Scarves become a trendy accessory

Celebs like Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Taylor, and Nicole Miller are wrapping up their necks

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Scarves become a trendy accessory

The helium-voiced Didi Conn (Frenchy in 1978’s Grease) may have wanted to be a beauty-school dropout, but her ’50s Rydell High style is earning high marks in ’90s Hollywood. Frenchy’s signature accessory, the neckerchief — half handkerchief, half scarf — is the coolest way to ring a celebrity neck this summer. ”They’re these suave, swanky, sexy things that are perfect because no one wears jewelry anymore,” says designer Cynthia Rowley.

So far, everyone from diamond-dripping Elizabeth Taylor to trend mistress Tori Spelling is tying one on, and designers from kitschy Nicole Miller to classy Ralph Lauren are jumping on the bandanna bandwagon. ”Scarves are everything for me, from vintage to Hermes,” says Cameron Diaz. And in the event ’50s fashion doesn’t totally take off (does anyone want to resurrect the poodle skirt?), a simple neckerchief won’t obliterate your entire trendy-stuff allowance. ”If you have a favorite scarf, you can wear it for 10 years,” says Rowley. ”And if it goes out of style, who cares? It’s only a scarf. What’s the big investment?”