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Olympic games spelled out in Roman numerals

Olympic-sized numbers give a glimpse into the Games

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No doubt you’ve heard the official Olympic motto: ”Swifter, higher, stronger.” But maybe a better motto would be ”Bigger, heavier, more expensive.” The 1996 Games are an undertaking of, well, Olympian proportions. Herewith, a breakdown. (In keeping with the pomp of the Games, we’re going with the traditional Olympic numeral format.)

Pounds of potatoes that will be made into McDonald’s french fries and consumed by the athletes in the Olympic Village: CXVCCC (115,300)

Pounds that the welded steel Olympic cauldron weighs: CXLIV (144,000)

Number of game shows sponsoring the Olympics: II (2: Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune)

Pieces of mail indeterminate Olympic mascot Izzy has received: CC (200,000)

Number of lawyers working full-time to guard against misuse of Olympic trademarks or affiliations: XII (12)

Number of countries represented in the 1896 Olympic Games: XIII (13)

Number of countries represented in the 1996 Games: CXCVII (197)

Amount paid by CBS in 1960 for the first broadcast rights to the Olympics: $L ($50,000)

Amount NBC paid for the 1996 Olympics: $CDLVI million ($456 million)

Number of times the Olympic torch was dropped, causing the flame to go out: I (1: A bicyclist fell down while crossing a bridge near Seattle)

Number of Georgia state patrolmen guarding the flame 24 hours a day: II (2)

Number of participating athletes: XDCC (10,700)

Number of journalists covering the athletes: XV (15,000)