EW Staff
July 19, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Livin’ It Up

I would like to commend you on your majestic cover of Liv Tyler (#332, June 21). Only Entertainment Weekly could capture the elegance and grace this enchantress brings to the screen. Finally, a true Beauty has been given her starlight. And face it, no one has ever looked better in hip-huggers (with the possible exception of Steven Tyler)!
Danielle C. Jordan
Van Vleck, Tex.

Benjamin Svetkey writes about Liv Tyler with a reverence usually reserved for Buddha: ”her sky blue eyes smoldering, her sumptuous red lips so ripe you could almost pluck them.” Is he attempting to relegate us to the wonderful world of Tiger Beat?
Irsa Schulman
Greenwich, Conn.

‘Hunchback’ Slap

It’s nice to know Disney so thoughtfully considered the looks of Quasimodo and Phoebus but came up with the same big-breasted, two-inch-waisted female character they’ve been drawing since Sleeping Beauty. It doesn’t matter if the story line attempts to empower the female character as long as she continues to be clad in skimpy clothes that ultimately make her a sex object.
Pamela Bongas
Franklin, Mass.

I saw The Rock with a sold-out audience and was appalled at the number of adults who brought children ranging in age from 3 to 13. These kids watched simulated sex acts and listened to four-letter words flying only slightly faster than the body parts being blown off. I then came home to EW and the supposed controversy over Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame and whether adults would let their children see it. You must be kidding!
Tim Patton
Long Beach, Calif.

‘Late’ Great?

It’s now been well over a decade since I first discovered and fell in love with David Letterman and Late Night. From then on, The Tonight Show became something I had to sit through until what I really wanted to see came on. I know Johnny Carson was much beloved and great at what he did. Maybe Dave’s just more my style.
Brenda Jo Condo
Lexington, Ky.

Ken Tucker advises David Letterman to ”come up with one good sketch character.” Now, finally, when Letterman appears to be lessening his resorting to that lame, annoying ”dumb guy” persona of his, you’re encouraging him in this direction?
Jeanette A. Bottone
Wellesley, Mass.

Nuts to Martha

While I admit that I have not seen, nor do I plan to see, Father of the Bride Part II, I still feel compelled to take issue with Martha Stewart’s guest review of the video. What Stewart has to say (”Diane Keaton just doesn’t work as Martin’s wife. She’s just not sexy or beautiful enough”) is not only ridiculously elitist, it’s just plain stupid. No wonder so many women — at least those who don’t make their livings toasting pine nuts and deadheading daylilies — have such a hard time getting a break.
Karen Connolly-Lane
Del Mar, Calif.

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