EW Staff
July 12, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

‘Rock’ Climbing
Last Friday, while sitting through the premiere of The Rock, I wondered what kind of coverage EW would give a film starring one of the most acclaimed actors of our time (Sean Connery) in one of the biggest action movies of the summer. I believe that your amazing cover and article on The Rock (#331, June 14) even allowed me to overlook the disgraceful review and grade given by Owen Gleiberman.
John Watkinson
Newport, R.I.

A cover story and a review of The Rock and you couldn’t find room for one picture of Ed Harris?! Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage are fine, but Harris is the reason I’ll be seeing the movie!
Kimberly Robertson
Glen Allen, Va.

The Off-Season
If Hollywood studio execs really whined all winter about ”what a long, hard summer it would be,” please ask them what their strategy is behind Christmas and summer big-movie release dates. In March and April of this year, I went to see nothing, simply because there was nothing I wanted to spend my hard-earned minimum-wage bucks on. So instead of seeing several movies — were they spread out over a period of months — I must choose one or two that, with popcorn and all, will cost me half a day’s wages.
Pam Divelbiss
Caulfield, Mo.

Black and Blue
What television needs — regardless of ethnicity — is originality (News & Notes). As a black person, I watched The Cosby Mysteries, but it didn’t hold my attention. And I rarely watch black-oriented comedies like Family Matters and In the House because they’re silly and repetitive. Now, if some smart writer would come along and write a black-oriented X-Files
L. Wright

Buffett Zone
I feel sorry for any music critic who only gets to hear a CD once and is forced to write about it. It takes more than one or two sittings to appreciate a Jimmy Buffett CD. I look forward to a Buffett release like I do a visit from a wild uncle that neither of my parents like.
Carl Point
Narragansett, R.I.

Force of Habit
Your story about the high number of rock & roll stars with drug problems was much needed. Maybe it might force these people into getting help before it’s too late. Sweeping their addictions under the rug will only make it easier for them to stay with their deadly habits.
Sheldon Winkfield
Suisun City, Calif.

Hot Under the Collar
I was offended by the comments made in Jim Mullen’s Hot Sheet regarding L.A. Firefighters. To imply that all firefighters are men is sexist. But to imply they’re nothing more than Chippendales dancers concerned with their ”big hoses” is absurd.
Mary L. Swaggerty
Marco Island, Fla.

One for the Gifford
Kathie Lee Gifford and her PR guru must think we’re stupid! How can they think this pathetic attempt to distract us from the horror of what she’s been party to has been a ”successful turnaround”? Ms. Gifford, you’re a talk-show host. Get over yourself! We sure are.
Jennifer Nolan
New Orleans

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