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Live From the Fall

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Live From the Fall

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We gave it a D

Those of us who played air bongos along with Blues Traveler’s hooky hit ”Run-around” may have mistaken it for the work of a radio-friendly band, so the quartet have decided, with the release of Live From the Fall, to remind us that they are truly a jam band, which means that nearly every song on this double-disc live album goes on and on and on and on and on, with singer John Popper and guitarist Chan Kinchla engaging in a battle of the chromatic scales for up to 20 minutes at a time, although when he’s not doing his impression of an asthmatic with a harmonica stuck in his mouth, Popper sounds uncannily like a blues singer on helium, bleating about gentrification and how we’ll all be dead in a hundred years anyway, but don’t worry if you don’t care much for lyrics, since plenty of space, seemingly hours of it, is devoted to noodling around in search of the lost jam-band chord, which helps the tracks bleed into one another so that one, two, hell, three songs become one huge harmonica and guitar solo, broken up by Popper’s speed rap or bits of other songs, like ”Tequila” and ”Loser,” just in case you forgot what pop tunes sound like, and it’s all very heady and Dead-like and psychedelic, not to mention very, very long and utterly numbing. D