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Naked Souls

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Naked Souls

Current Status:
In Season
Brian Krause, Pamela Lee, David Warner
Sci-fi and Fantasy

We gave it a D

Made before Pamela Anderson’s postnuptial name change, the straight-to-cable thriller Naked Souls brings new meaning to the phrase ”top billing.” In her role as the artist fiancee of a young scientist (Brian Krause) who helps a crippled mad genius (David Warner) use computer technology to exchange souls, Anderson skirts the periphery. But she certainly makes her presence known, thanks to absurdly low-cut outfits that render her requisite nude scenes redundant.

Otherwise, the filmmakers meet their skin quota with flashbacks from a serial killer’s corpse, whose canned memories suggest the guy wasn’t happy unless his victims were taking a bath or shower, or at least adjusting their garter belts in broad daylight. The dead guy isn’t vital to the plot either, but at least we don’t find that out until after the gratuitous nudity. Dean Stockwell shows up halfway through to provide some token class, although for his ”special appearance” he seems to have wandered onto the set and just started ad-libbing. D