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Mail from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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Tube Tops
Happy birthday to me! What a wonderful gift to have one of my favorite TV stars on the cover of your magazine (#330, June 7). In Dan Snierson’s interview, Julianna Margulies shows the entire world that she has a decisive mind and wonderful drive underneath her timeless beauty and romantic raven locks.
Sharon Wallace
Clearfield, Ky.

You may be sick of sitcom ”Very Special episodes,” but I’m sick of you criticizing them. The episode of Home Improvement about Randy’s possibly cancerous lump is my favorite. As someone who has dealt with a family member facing cancer, that episode stayed with me. Sitcoms can hit on certain issues in ways other shows cannot. They can allow a family to discuss sensitive, complex situations, and bring those issues to light with hope, love, and humor. How can anyone criticize that?
Joanne C. Horita

In your ”War of the Awards” article, I agree with your vote for best star-sung theme song (Drew Carey for ”Moon Over Parma”) but couldn’t disagree more for the worst. That award should have been granted to Cybill Shepherd. Please, Ms. Shepherd — find a key and sing on it!
Kathleen M. Frederick
Bethlehem, Pa.

Eating It Up
I thoroughly enjoyed Dragonheart. I went through a tub of buttered popcorn, a cola, and a box of Jujyfruits, which made the movie even more fun. We all need a little whimsy in our lives, and this movie did it for me.
Sylvia Ehasz
Monticello, Ind.

Farewell Episode
Thank you for your article about the Seinfeld season finale (News & Notes). I knew that everyone I worked with was offended, but wondered if the rest of the nation would feel the same. I don’t think there’s ever room to laugh at the death of someone.
Pete Lobert
Abilene, Tex.

As a former student of thanatology (the study of death and dying), I find it hard to believe that Dr. Nuland in your article ”Killing Time.” was ”tremendously upset” by Susan’s death in the Seinfeld season finale. In order to demystify death, it needs to enter all aspects of pop culture. Once the writers and producers decided to kill off Susan, why not do it in a way that is silly and consistent with the show?
Mallory Lubofsky

Hearing is Believing
Is Tony Scherman hearing-impaired? He must be to say that Vince Gill should ”shut up” and play his guitar (Music). Vince does play the guitar beautifully, but he also has a sweet, smooth, sexy voice. I, for one, hope he never shuts up!
Sandy Crayton
Aylett, Va.

Correction: Author Steven Bach is actually writing a biography of Moss Hart (Books), not of Mozart.