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Mail from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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Tres Cher
Good cover article on Cher (#329, May 31). Although I may not have always liked what she’s been doing, who else can say they’ve been around longer or changed more? Infomercial, schlocky songs, and the occasional bad movie aside — at least she has always been interesting.
David Usndek

As for plastic-surgery overkill, have you noticed Faye Dunaway and Raquel Welch? At least Cher is honest about it.
Rick Gould
Traverse City, Mich.

Hey — great photo of a trimmed-down Carnie Wilson on your cover!
Kimberly Harne
Lemont, Ill.

On a Wish Hunt
If some child’s wish was to vandalize a hated teacher’s home, would the Make-A-Wish Foundation allow that (News & Notes)? What if their wish was to go to a prostitute? Or to slap a priest? To give hunting as a dying wish devalues the courage of those people disease has taken from us.
Debbie L. Israel
New Brunswick, N.J.

‘Coach’ Potatoes
Ken Tucker refers to Coach as ”comfort television.” In the wasteland that is most sitcoms, to see such well-fleshed-out adult characters go through such varied life situations as fear of commitment, age discrimination, inability to conceive, lowered sex drive, and surrogate motherhood, played out with warmth, compassion, and humor by gifted actors, has been a rare pleasure. What’s so wrong with being comfortable?
William Gerace
Los Angeles

Moo Struck
I find it baffling that you guys continue to find a new way every week to criticize the movie Twister. Now you question the ability of a cow to moo while in a tornado. I live on a ranch, and we have nearly 100 cows that moo all the time. When under direct stress (branding, pregnancy testing), they moo repeatedly, almost uncontrollably. So I see no reason why they wouldn’t moo in a tornado.
Don J. Clark
Froid, Montana

Dishin’ ‘Impossible’
I can’t believe no one’s had the guts to say what an absolute mockery this new Mission: Impossible is. The film’s warped spin on the character of Jim Phelps was not only entirely unnecessary but a betrayal of anyone who ever enjoyed an episode of the original series.
Tara L. Hoke
Centreville, Va.

There’s one thing that was left out of your review of Mission: Impossible. The ”great sequence” in which Tom Cruise breaks into the CIA room is a rip-off of a sequence in the 1964 movie Topkapi, which in turn was one of the inspirations for the Mission TV series.
Kevin Sharp
Mountain View, Calif.

Corrections: Nanci Griffith, Raul Malo, and Donna Summer’s version of ”From a Distance” is on the album One Voice (Music). Also, rappers Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are from Cleveland.