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Rock world has suffered many drug-related casualties

Kurt Cobain, Jerry Garcia, and more have died in just the past two years

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The resurgent fashion for drugs in the rock world has been accompanied by a spate of highly visible deaths. Among the casualties in just the past two years:

Musician: Kurt Cobain, 27. Nirvana’s guitarist and lead singer. Date: April 5, 1994 Cause of death: Heroin-related suicide

Musician: Kristen Pfaff, 27. Bassist for Hole. Date: June 15, 1994 Cause of death: Heroin overdose

Musician: Ken ”Dimwit” Montgomery, 36. Drummer for the hardcore punk band D.O.A. Date: Sept. 28, 1994 Cause of death: Heroin overdose

Musician: Jerry Garcia, 53. Grateful Dead singer and guitarist. Date: Aug. 9, 1995 Cause of death: Heart attack while undergoing drug rehabilitation

Musician: Dwayne Goettel, 31. Keyboardist for the industrial-rock band Skinny Puppy. Date: Aug. 23, 1995 Cause of death: Heroin overdose

Musician: Shannon Hoon, 28. Blind Melon’s lead singer. Date: Oct. 21, 1995 Cause of death: Cocaine overdose

Musician: Brad Nowell, 28. Lead singer of punk band Sublime. Date: May 25, 1996 Cause of death: Apparent heroin overdose