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Whoopi Goldberg, Frank Langella
Steve Rash

We gave it a C

Whoopi Goldberg is Eddie, a die-hard New York Knicks fan plucked out of the nosebleed bleachers to be the basketball team’s head coach by a publicity-hound new owner, played by Frank Langella. The premise has promise — a jump shot fairy tale — but it falters in practice. There’s scant verbal humor in a script credited to six writers; what laughs there are come from Goldberg’s awesomely energetic line readings and slapstick moves. Langella’s character makes no sense — at first he’s a shrewd guy rooting for Eddie; then when she succeeds, he’s a bad guy who becomes her enemy. Director Steve Rash (Queens Logic) has shot the movie so confusingly you have to listen to sportscaster Marv Albert’s game commentary to figure out what’s going on. Eddie is packed with real-life players, only one of whom (Dennis Rodman, who else?) seems to realize he’s smarter and funnier than anything going on around him. C