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10 Years of Dolce & Gabbana

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No glum, bored models here. This compendium of fashion photography — celebrating D&G’s debut decade of spare glamour — bursts with forthright sexiness, fearless emotion, and generous helpings of Isabella Rossellini. Culled from the Milanese design duo’s advertising campaigns and magazine layouts, the shots reveal the endurance of their twin passions: Italian women and Italian cinema. Rossellini, as model and nostalgic link, represents both. She stars, along with cousin Franco, in 10 Years of Dolce & Gabbana‘s most sparkling images, a series inspired by La Dolce Vita and photographed by Steven Meisel. The clothes, however, don’t say quite enough on their own. A little information on who these designers really are — a simple biographical sketch, perhaps — would have helped to ground all the satin-cool artifice. And the one misstep, a gratuitous celebrity foldout section in which even Brad Pitt doesn’t look so hot, stands out like a bad hair extension. B-