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It’s a big TV world, with something for almost anyone, but I’m sure there are shows you regularly flick past, thinking ”You mean that’s still on?” You know what I’m referring to: sitcoms whose comedy evaporated immediately after their pilot episodes; shows that seem so threadbare of quality, it’s amazing they get renewed year after year. For me, three prime stumpers, a trio of lucky ducks, are Coach, Dave’s World, and Wings.

As for Wings, well, the best I can say is that this show about two handsome brothers (Tim Daly and Steven Weber) who run a Nantucket commuter airline is a tad more adroit than Coach or Dave. At various times in its six-season run, Wings has been fitfully funny. I always liked Thomas Haden Church (now Ned on Ned and Stacey) as goofball mechanic Lowell, for example. And Daly and Crystal Bernard (airport lunch-counter owner Helen) still have some nice moments of romantic wackiness.

I suppose these comments might lead the Wings producers to take the copy of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY off the set’s airport newsstand. Wings may be the best of this bunch, but like Coach and Dave’s World, it can’t help seeming earthbound exhausted. C