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Mail from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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‘Hope’ and Glory
Thank you for the wonderful pictures and article on Chicago Hope (#326, May 10). Finally you realized that there are two medical dramas on television. What took you so long?!?!?!
Dianne Armstrong
Oshawa, Ontario

I have three words regarding your cover on Chicago Hope: It’s about time.
Lisa Ward
San Jose, Calif.

‘One’ That Got Away
It’s sad to see that ABC may cast aside a great show like Murder One for what will likely be an inferior hour of TV next season. Although I’m generally in full agreement with your reviews, Ken Tucker was way off base on his assessment of Murder‘s Daniel Benzali. Benzali is the glue that binds the show together.
Phil Sulak
Austin, Tex.

Might Makes ‘White’
In response to the Tony Hendra piece [on The Great White Hype]: Hendra’s statement that in 1990 he had ”an idea” made me see red. I approached Tony with the idea of doing a boxing film similar in style to Spinal Tap. He jumped at the opportunity. Hendra’s statement that Ron Shelton was signed on as writer-director is simply not true. Shelton made it clear to me that he was writing the screenplay for me to direct. Ultimately, as often happens in Hollywood, Fox decided to pay me my director’s fee and instead go with Reggie Hudlin.
Neil Leifer
New York City

Smoke and Mirrors
Thanks for pointing out the excessive smoking in Mulholland Falls (”Excess of the Week”). Perhaps you should include a ”Puff Quotient” in all your film reviews. (Are the screenwriters taking payola from the tobacco companies?) If The Ten Commandments were remade today, Moses would probably use the burning bush to light up his stogie.
Ralph W. Daniel
Marietta, Ga.

Was it a coincidence that an ad two pages before your review of Pamela Anderson Lee in Barb Wire touts the ”Genetic engineering” marvels of The New Dodge? Couldn’t the same claim be made of Anderson?
Marc Vanasse
New Milford, Conn.

Bois on the Snide
In Jim Mullen’s latest Hot Sheet, he writes: ”MICHAEL JACKSON — He bought a $12 million chateau in France. He liked the place as soon as he heard the name: Petit Bois.” I envy Mullen his job. I don’t know of very many people in the media who could sustain a permanent job by showing such limited creativity.
Helen Peterson