J.R. Taylor
May 31, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Considering how many moviegoers have suffered from sitting next to idiots drenched in cologne, you’d think that audiences would flock to see a film in which women are ritually murdered after covering themselves in fragrance. Instead, this erotic thriller, about a beautiful ex-cop (Kate Hodge) who must find the serial killer with the olfactory fixation, went straight to video. The cleverest thing about Desire is that in its oversexed world it’s impossible to figure out whodunit, since everyone appears to be a leering psychotic. But the sophisticated atmosphere isn’t enough to keep this from becoming a tedious affair, and the film sadly wastes rising schlock star Martin Kemp (The Krays) in a restrained role as a sensitive-snouted perfumer. C-

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