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Mail from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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Flying ‘Fish

Thanks for your excellent cover story on Hootie & the Blowfish (#325, May 3). It’s great to read an article about artists who haven’t let fame go to their heads. It’s unfortunate, though, that there still are those who say that Darius Rucker isn’t ”black enough.” Hootie’s style has never been an issue of race — it’s an issue of talent.
Rich Kapalin
Lorain, Ohio

Thanks for your coverage of Hootie & the Blowfish. They’ve done so much for this area — helping break the stereotype of Southerners as uneducated, drooling cretins, and showing that we know good music when we hear it.
Shelley E. Stafford
Columbia, S.C.

For the Records

I’ve read and reread ”The 25 Best-Selling Albums” with great interest and understand the rationale behind the rankings. But there are just some things I cannot get my stubborn baby-boomer psyche to accept. The assertion that Cracked Rear View has sold more copies in less than 2 years than Sgt. Pepper has in nearly 30 years is definitely one of those unacceptable propositions.
Michael K. Willis
San Diego

No offense to Whitney Houston, but when The Bodyguard is the fifth-best-selling album but Rubber Soul, Highway 61 Revisited, and Let It Bleed aren’t in the top 50, then what’s the point?
Keith Reagan
Nelson, N.H.

I was enraged after reading ”Mail-Order Music Madness.” CDs are overpriced anyway, and being a member of BMG Music and Columbia House, I’m free to get more for my buck! It seems some artists are too concerned about their royalties and not enough about their fans.
Jeff Reves
Batesville, Ark.

Off ‘Trek’

It’s fascinating how many excuses Rick Berman and other producers can come up with to explain the falling ratings of Star Trek: Voyager (News & Notes). We’re not suffering from an overload of Star Trek or science fiction; we just don’t like boring story lines, mediocre acting, and obnoxious PC values being jammed down our throats.
Richard Chung
Alameda, Calif.

Kids ‘n the ‘Wood

I’m disgusted that adoption agencies will bump a celebrity up their waiting lists. So single celebrities have money; who’s going to watch the baby, a nanny? This treatment only accentuates the greed and selfishness in Hollywood.
Carin Lynch
Chico, Calif.

Shame on you. At a time when social scientists point to fatherless families — regardless of race, class, or economic status — as the root of a myriad of social ills, you run a story glorifying single-parent adoptions and doll it up in a pretty Hollywood veneer.
Jay F. Rizoli
Franklin, Mass.