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Stars and their small screen equivalents

Alec Baldwin, Demi Moore, Jim Carrey, and others all have TV and Video counterparts

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While Michael Douglas may fill a unique movie niche, other stars have small-screen equivalents. The chart below matches film actors with their TV doppelgangers, then finds their video counterparts. Now, that’s safety in numbers.

Alec Baldwin (movies) = Ken Wahl (TV) = Steven Bauer (video)

Demi Moore (movies) = Lea Thompson (TV) = Ally Sheedy (video)

Jim Carrey (movies) = Jim J. Bullock (TV) = Jim Varney (video)

Sharon Stone (movies) = Heather Locklear (TV) = Virginia Madsen (video)

James Woods (movies) = Richard Belzer (TV) = Robert Davi (video)