May 17, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

In the Schwim

You finally put one of my favorite actors on your cover: David Schwimmer (#324, April 26). And he looks great! But I didn’t like that you referred to his character on Friends as a nerd and a geek. A number of the people who watch the show are women like me, and we watch just to see him.
Lydia Siciliano
Riverdale, Ga.

I have kidnapped a small kitten named Fluff-a-nutter, with precious blue eyes and the most adorable meow you’ve ever heard. If you place one more word of coverage about Friends in your magazine, Fluff-a-nutter gets it.
Brett Dylan Creane
Plymouth, Mass.

Just Weight a Minute…

Alicia Silverstone fat? As if! She’s merely curvy and of normal size, as opposed to all those walking sticks with breasts Hollywood calls beauties. It’s odd that the hip crowd worships Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe while a woman of similar proportions today is told to slim down or ship out. By the way, if Alicia is ordered to the gym, I hope she passes the likes of Dennis Franz, Drew Carey, Tom Arnold, and Chris Farley on the way in.
Bernadette Jones
San Antonio

Clearing the ‘Eyre’

In her review of Jane Eyre, Lisa Schwarzbaum’s most incisive comments are on Anna Paquin’s beauty and Charlotte Gainsbourg’s neck. She fails to grasp this is a story of a love so spiritual that physical imperfections are irrelevant. Does the film do justice to the novel? Of course not, but neither does Schwarzbaum. Is the film faithful to the novel’s spirit? Yes, by much more than a neck.
Mary M. Albanese
Davie, Fla.

By the Book?

The tone of your article on The Celestine Prophecy was unfortunate. I’m not just a ”player” making a ”pitch” for James Redfield’s book. I am a personal friend who shares the author’s desire to bring the book to the screen. When I spoke with Jeff Gordinier, I gave a clear picture of my involvement, but none of that material was used. Instead, the writer trivialized everyone’s efforts in regard to purchasing the rights to the book, casting a negative light on all involved.
Cathy Lee Crosby
Santa Monica, Calif.

Broken ‘Hearts’

I was thrilled when I heard EW gave me my first legit press for my first movie (the direct-to-video Criminal Hearts). I was less than thrilled when I read J.R. Taylor’s brief review. He misquotes a line from the film and explains it in the wrong context to make a point. Thanks are in order, though. Your inaccurate reporting has allowed me to step up a rung on the showbiz ladder to join the club of filmmakers and others in the public eye who have learned to be prepared for the unpredictability of the press.
Dave Payne
Los Angeles

Correction: In a News & Notes item on costumes for the upcoming film Batman and Robin, the movie Batman Forever was misidentified.

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